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Play online bingo through one of our top rated online bingo rooms and WIN

Have you ever experienced overwhelming anticipation of your weekly bingo night, only to realize that bingo night dosen't come until tomorrow? Do you ever tire of seeing the same crowd every time you play bingo, and wonder what it would be like to try something different, chat with new people, and make new friends? Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have the chance to win a much larger bingo jackpot than is possible at your local bingo hall?

This unique guide to online bingo rooms is offered with the utmost confidence that by signing up with one of the bingo rooms mentioned in this guide, you will enjoy the opportunity to:

1) Play Bingo whenever you choose - at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home
2) Meet and chat with many new bingo buddies online
3) Win huge bingo jackpots that occur as a result of having many more participants than would be possible at your local bingo hall

Following are our top 3 online bingo rooms, including full bonus information. With these generous bonuses you can afford to play twice as much bingo as you could play at your local bingo hall. Finally, you can play with full confidence that you will enjoy the same quality of entertainment experience by playing bingo online that you would expect at your local bingo hall, and that each online bingo room mentioned in this guide holds to strict standards of honesty and reliability and takes pride in their fast payouts and exceptional customer service.


Bingo Room


Bonus Information:


Vic's Bingo

Quite simply, Vic's Bingo is a great site with a super fun and laid back online bingo community of players. Their appealing customer retention program will keep you playing and enjoying yourself session after session, and their outstanding customer support is available to attend to your needs at any time of the day, everyday.

Vic's offers the perfect "forget about everday life" bingo experience.

$5 FREE - No Deposit

150% bonus on 1st and 2nd deposit

U.S. Bingo Players ACCEPTED


Bingo Hall

Online since 2002, Bingo Hall features:

* Free Bingo games
* Free video poker, keno, pull tabs and slots games
* The Bingo industry's best VIP program
* Bonuses for playing chat games

If you have never played bingo online before, this is a great place to start as their customer service department will walk you through the entire process.

$5 FREE - No Deposit

150% bonus on 1st and 2nd deposit

U.S. Bingo Players ACCEPTED


Direct Download - US$

Bingo Liner

Direct Download - UK£

Bingo Liner's software is the best on the net. It allows a customizable persona, chat macros for easy chatting with friends, and has color coded cards that change to show you when you are close to hitting a bingo. Bingo Liner features daily bingo tournaments and convenient deposits by credit card.

And now, especially for our bingo players visiting from the UK, BINGO LINER IS NOW AVAILABLE TO PLAY IN UK POUNDS. Play Bingo Liner in UK Pounds by clicking here.

$5 FREE - No Deposit

100% up to $100 on first deposit

How to Get Started Playing Online Bingo

As many of my visitors will have never played at an online bingo room, I am writing this brief tutorial so you can learn how to get started.

The actual bingo games online are very similar to the games played at your local bingo hall, perhaps with some fancy asthetic improvements, and with the added possibility of winning much larger jackpots.

To get started playing online bingo, you first need to choose a bingo room. We have listed 5of the very best online bingo rooms in this Online Bingo Rooms Guide. If you play bingo at one of the online bingo rooms listed here, you can be assured that you will be playing a user friendly and easy to understand bingo game, you will be receiving the very best bingo bonuses available, will have many other bingo players to chat with, and that the company that is offering the game is financially stable, has excellent customer service, and will get your winnings to you in a very satisfactory amount of time. All of the bingo rooms listed offer varying bonus incentives, varying look and design, and have different players in the bingo room - so you have the opportunity to try each one and find out which has the most appealing style of play for your tastes, the other players that most appeal to you, and most importantly, which has the luckiest games for you!

After you have chosen your preferred online bingo room, you will need to sign up for an account. All of the online bingo rooms mentioned in this guide have very simple, self-explanatory application forms, so I will not go into much detail about the actual sign up process here.

Funding your account, however, is one of the fundamental differences between playing bingo online and playing at your local bingo hall. Obviously you cannot place your bingo bucks right in the online cashier's hand. But as technology has given us the wonderful gift of online bingo, it has also provided a means to transfer money quickly and easily over the internet. Many online bingo rooms accept Visa or Mastercard. For larger transfers, most online bingo rooms will accept bank wire transfers and Western Union, or even checks and money orders. Most North American players will find, however, that the fastest and easiest way to fund your accounts will be by using an online wallet. There are a variety of options available including Neteller and Moneybookers. Both of these companies offer a simple, yet extremely secure means of opening and funding an online wallet account. Once you have an online wallet it is a simple matter to both place your deposits with your chosen online bingo room, and perhaps more importantly, to collect your winnings!

If you have gotten this far, your are now ready to LET THE FUN BEGIN and play bingo to your heart's content.

How to Get FREE Bingo Cards

How to Play Bingo

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